We are a group of professional engineers who have 20 years successfully accompanies the processes of garment production in China for large companies.
Now we are expanding the scope of cooperation and offer our services to anyone.

Ordering products from Chinese factories at a low price, to sign lucrative contracts for the production of clothing, and thus to obtain the expected result without unnecessary risk?

This is possible with us, because we know all the intricacies of doing business with Chinese entrepreneurs.

Knowledge of business mentality

Our team are specialists, living in China for more than two decades. As experienced technologists, garment production, we are well versed in the quality of materials and fittings.
As well as familiar with the peculiarities of work in the garment factories of this country.

Extensive experience of business cooperation helps to find a common language with businessmen of China.


We know what the nuances are important to consider when dealing with residents of China, on what to pay attention to, cooperative arrangements, and how to distinguish a fake.

A wide range

Established business relationships with many companies and an excellent knowledge of the garment market of China allows us to quickly find for you partners in the production of any garment and knitwear:

  • socks and tights;
  • underwear, including seamless;
  • sports clothing;
  • home wear;
  • hats and scarves;
  • t-shirts and shirts;
  • business clothing;
  • children's clothing;
  • windbreakers, jackets, down jackets and othe.

Also, with our help, you can purchase all of these products in finished form at the lowest price: we will promptly find you a suitable effluents from garment factories. Thus, the down jacket can cost 5 to 10 dollars.

How we are working

Having received from you the terms of reference, we calculate the cost of manufacturing products on different phase, offering several types of materials, different in quality and cost. If there is a sample, we will select similar materials.

In the end, you choose the most advantageous offer, based on the cost, timing and quality of production.

Then we make a sample of the product and only after that we conclude the contract, stipulating all the details of the production, up to the packing.
The prepayment is 30%.

The prepayment is 30%. Our specialists supervise all the work on the procurement of materials and fittings, as well as the whole process of production in China, taking into account the compliance of gradations and shades of color, the production technology and the compliance of all parameters of the produced goods with the technical task.

In the production process, you will receive photo-reports on the stages of production. Upon completion of production, the order is sent to you in advance in a specified way.

You can also pick up the order yourself or order delivery from the factory to the port you need or to the transport company.

Wholesale supply

Our team deals only with wholesale deliveries: the minimum amount of the party depends on the type of product. The organization of production delivery to the customer.

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