Asia production - Team with years of experience. Established business relationships with many companies and an excellent knowledge of the garment market of China allows us to quickly find for you partners in the production of any garment and knitwear:

  • socks and tights;
  • underwear, including seamless;
  • sports clothing;
  • home wear;
  • hats and scarves;
  • t-shirts and shirts;
  • business clothing;
  • children's clothing;
  • windbreakers, jackets, down jackets and other.

The whole process of production is completely controlled from our side. Here are some photos from factories where they produce products for our customers. Production of seamless products:


Manufacture of hosiery

With our help, to purchase all of these products in finished form you can at the lowest price: we will promptly find you a suitable effluents from garment factories. The following are examples of products.