Last year the textile export of China amounted to 25% of the total textile export in the world. The figure is quite inspiring. A huge range of different raw materials and abundance of both natural and chemical fibers brings pre-emptive superiority for the textile industry and the production of products. Statistics show that every day the production volume is only increasing and becoming bigger. Many of the most famous brands have moved their industries and enterprises in China a long time ago and still work in this market..

How to find a reliable manufacturer in China

To find a suitable factory for manufacture of products meeting all needs and are ready to take on your project as per your own need to sort through many options. Probably need to visit special exhibitions. Just for information risk to a minimum you must personally see where you are transferring money to and on what machine will be the creation of ordered goods. It will have to go on production in the deep rural province. To establish the production, not just to purchase raw materials in any case have to visit the land of bamboo and pandas. To do this sitting in the office, by phone unlikely to succeed.

Of the minuses can highlight what you have to work hard to find a suitable factory. First, production in China huge amount and it is natural that your factory you build there will not be, and only plan to work with the best plant. In this case, it will take a lot of time to find just such a manufacturer, you will find a common language.

Clothes from Chinaя

Also, apart from the price of production, shipping may be much cheaper than from the middle turn. You can save a huge part of the budget only on this item. Even given the fact that delivery and customs, you can get a better deal in China than with the Russian plants. A name of Chinese manufacturers for product quality, but usually it's more stereotype than truth. Over, you can find a huge number of cheap Chinese stuff in the markets, but in China produce their product, many famous brands, the quality of which has always been on top. In this respect, the reliability will depend on how much you are willing to spend. Another definite plus in working with China, is the ability to copy ready-made products of competitors. You can always order a product that is already in demand and there is no fraud, it's business.

Asia Production will help you to find the right manufacturer and establish a process for the production in China. We operate on the territory of Russia, China and Hong Kong, which allows us to offer clients the most optimal the most optimal methods of delivery. Established business relationships with many companies and an excellent knowledge of garment China market allow us to quickly find for you partners in the production of any garment and knitted products. It also offers we always have a professional translator, accompanying during business trip.

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