Clothing manufactures in China

Chinese garment factories have been one of the best suppliers of textile products for businessmen for years.

It became possible to buy directly from the Chines companies in bulk and it is very popular nowadays due to some objectives reasons as:

  1. The low cost of a qualified workforce. Densely populated China supplies the whole world with the closing items while the work of local employees is very cheap.
  2. There is a possibility to use a variety of materials. We do not argue that Chinese garment factories always use high-quality natural raw materials but they use the raw materials that the customer chooses. If you want more expensive models – place an order for making from natural fabrics or if you want to buy in bulk the cheapest goods - place an order for making from synthetic materials.
  3. Quite high quality of modern products. All factories in China use high-tech equipment to produce clothing, competently drawn templates (if sewing will be carried out according to your templates - you can control its quality), labor of experienced workers.

How to establish your own garment manufacturing in China?

Buying Chinese clothes in bulk could directly become a king of gold dwelling. The question is only how to realize it.

As a company with many years of experience in China and Hong Kong, we can state: it's not so easy to work with Chinese manufacturers. In any case, if you do not have deep knowledge of the Chinese language, understanding of the country’s economy and mentality. You will spend a lot of time, energy and, most likely, money trying to find and buy clothes in China because you will have to travel around the country, visit a lot of specialized exhibitions, visit several factories before you find something relatively satisfying. But it is possible that you will not find the ideal suppliers that way.

At "Asia Production" we offer you a reasonable alternative: it is trustworthy factories in China making branded clothes that we will choose for you, based on your needs and our wide opportunities for cooperation with local companies. We take into account the required level of product quality, the desired prices, deadlines and much more. We use two main methods:

  • A company search to buy clothes in bulk from Chinese garment factories, with a ready model range.
  • Search of a manufacturer who will produce the necessary clothing according to your own sketches and templates.

Ways of delivery ready-made Chinese closing.

How profitable you purchase of clothing from China in bulk from the manufacturer, will be largely depend on the transportation costs.

We offer you several delivering options so you can choose the most interesting:

  1. You can pick up the goods directly from the factory after we issue you the statement on the inspection carried out and that the quality of the sewing is in accordance with the standards.
  2. If you do not want to inspect the production, we can deliver the cargo ourselves to the port or Cargo, thereby reducing the distance that you or your transport service will have to bridging the distance.
  3. We can also consider various turnkey delivery options, including delivering the order directly to your warehouse, store or office.

Buying branded clothes in China, carried out on our behalf, will suit you in case you like effective, profitable, time-saving solutions.

Our service is the simpliest and the most convenient way to develop your business using high-quality Chinese clothing with low production cost.

Branded clothing directly from China, not causing disappointment when unpacked - reality with the experts of "Asia Production". Join us.